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the cute mug

I love this mug and want it as a gift.

King Crimson Face Mask
Michael Pimental
Nice mask but not as pictured or advertised

I purchased this mask. Shipping was on time but this mask is not two ply as described nor do the ear straps have an adjustment loop as pictured. I am slightly disappointed but I will be glad to wear this mask until the ear straps stretch out to far ????????‍♂️

Harry Styles Fine Line Shirt

it says harry style. thats not his name.


Very comfy, but the red doesn't pop nearly as much as it does on the page, it's a dark maroon red. Go Blazers!

very thin fabric

might be 2 layers but those layers are both so very very thin. you don't even need it up to a light to be able to tell how thin it is. You would want to add another thick cotton layer to this somehow for it to have any effect in protecting you or those around you.

Took many weeks to arrive to international destination.


I love this shirt

love it

needed in different colors!

love it! Do you have other colors?

Don't buy it

It's very poor quality shirt and the printing is very poorly done. It's not a clear print. Had to email numerous times to get a hold of someone for tracking number. Not worth it.


I orded my shirt 5 week a orded that I sured of got 7 day ago cant get ahold of them recived no tracking no .email them 2 time so far notching I'm not sure I will ever get my shirt or my money back very poor on them

Love it

This is a shirt for true Americans who c the truth ,real truth ,not fake news

Joe Biden You Ain
Nicole Queredda

This is a trump supporters shirt... lmao

So cute!

Seems good quality and is very cute! Glad I ordered a size bigger since it seems to run a bit smaller than usual. It does fit though. I got the long sleeve t-shirt.

Good hoodie

Its a soft hoodie but i washed it once and it faded and doesn’t look the same

Perfect summer wear

What a beautiful and appropriate T shirt to explain Joe

Golden Girl Hoodie

Im giving this 3 stars.
The Hoodie came in a timely fashion so that was nice and the Hoodie is comfortable But the quality of the Print is not as vibrant as Advertised. Its super Faded. It looks like it already been in the wash a couple times.

Ok update

I wasn't able to give stars during my review and when it posted it had 5 stars. I did not give 5 stars. I would give 3.


I received an email confirmation and that was it. No shipping confirmation so I really had no idea when I was getting my shirt. The shirt looks a little small for whats supposed to be mens medium. The pattern on it looks blurry and faded, nothing like the picture online. The picture thats advertised makes it look very sharp and clear.

Scream Inspired Shirt
Aron W Touchet
I like your shirts I think they're very nice

I would like to get a tracking number if I could if you can email it to me at errand T 1978 at I would appreciate it


14$ really? I'm confused about it but my family is flabergasted by the exorbitant price.

Love Love Love!

I love the movie Sixteen Candles and when I saw this sweatshirt on someone in Instagram, I googled and came upon this site. Sweatshirt is comfy and fits well. I love it!

I order a memories tee shirt on 7-16-20 and i have not heard anything about my change are nothing where my order may be Please contact me as soon you can Thank you

Unauthorized Seller

I'm the designer of the image please take it down from your store or I will report it.

Thank you
Donovan Alex